Thinking, man…

Here is a something that embodies a wonderful burden:

It takes a lot to get things right.  And when we do, it mostly goes unnoticed–or at least unquestioned–because it seems effortlessly integrated into common practices and conversations.  Getting to this point, though, is not effortless.  For me, it tends to look like this:

Formulating static thoughts–or at least, thoughts that would even come close to things I would actually embrace without much hedging–always involves a process of mutation and reframing, almost to the point of becoming totally circular until something breaks and sense starts to form.  It’s difficult for me to be satisfied with any one interpretation of data, and it takes some time for me to assert a belief when there are so many reasons to doubt!.  It’s also frustrating, at times, to make sense of things and apply ideas to any number of varying contexts.  Though, taking a step back to look at the shifting forms of one’s (or my) thought processes and trying to pay attention to where we (or I) can pause in any given thread of notion can help with this, where making connections to other ideas comes off as fluid rather than born from frustration.  Bottom line: it takes time to instantiate ideas and make them portable, even if it seems easy.  At least for me.


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