Intro to #VCUOLE

Hello!  I’m Ryan Cales, and I’m a fellow participant in the Online Learning Experience from the Department of Focused Inquiry.  I have previously taught online and have spent the past two years toying around with online tools/platforms in various classes to boost student engagement.  Last summer I was an instructor in the #thoughtvectors cMOOC digital engagement pilot for UNIV 200 (Code Name: “Living the Dreams: Digital Investigation and Unfettered Minds”) and am now currently teaching a connected face-to-face iteration of the course in concert with five other colleagues.  (Here is my summer section’s course site and here is the current one.)  Additionally, I have collaborated a bunch with Dr. Jason Coats (also a part of this experience!) over the years and currently share a course site with him for our six sections of UNIV200: Inquiry & the Craft of Argument in an attempt to better connect students across classes.  I’ve also used Tumblr a bit as a course gallery in UNIV213: The Truth About Lying and have been interested in online gamification in the classroom.  I’m very excited to work with everyone here and see how others are thinking of connected learning and other Web things in their courses.



One thought on “Intro to #VCUOLE

  1. Hope we can all benefit from the OLE experience Ryan! I saw in your about section you taught a class called The Truth About Lying; sounds interesting!!

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