Virginia Commonwealth University


2011    MA- English, Virginia Commonwealth University

2007    BA- Philosophy & Philosophy of Law, Virginia Commonwealth University


2016-Present            Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University

                                   Peer Leadership

2014-Present            Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University

                                   The Truth About Lying

2013-2015             Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University

                                    Focused Inquiry II

2012-Present             Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University

                                    Inquiry & The Craft Of Argument

2011- 2012                 Adjunct Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University

                                    Focused Inquiry II

2011                            Adjunct Instructor, John Tyler Community College

                                    English 111     

2010-2011                   Graduate Teaching Assist., Virginia Commonwealth University

                                     Focused Inquiry II

                                     Focused Inquiry I

2010-2011                   Consultant, Virginia Commonwealth University

                                     University College Writing Center


“Something Old and Borrowed: Homonormativity and Marriage in Glee.”  Glee & “New Directions” for Social Change.  Ed. Brian Johnson and Daniel Faill. Sage Press, January 2015.


“Reconsidering Digital Engagement in the Classroom,” Mid-Atlantic Conference on College Composition and Communication, Richmond, VA, June 2, 2017

Cales, Ryan and Jason Coats, “Collaborative Pedagogy through Connected Learning,”Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Blacksburg, VA, February 12, 2016

Fortney, Thaddeus, Joseph Schaub, Kristin Reed, Charmian Lam, Ryan Cales, Jake Khoury, and Zach Hilpert, “Enhancing Learning Through Interactive Gameplay,” Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Blacksburg, VA, February 4, 2015

Campbell, Gardner, Jon Becker, Bonnie Boaz, Ryan Cales, Jason Coats, Jessica Gordon, Enoch Hale, and Tom Woodward,Dinner for seven: Reflections on VCU’s first cMOOC,” Open Education, Washington, D.C., November 21, 2014

Coats, Jason and Ryan Cales.  “Managing Research with Diigo,”  Department of Focused Inquiry Fall Institute, August 15, 2014

Campbell, Gardner, Jon Becker, Jessica Gordon, Patty Strong, Ryan Cales, Bonnie Boaz, and Tom Woodward, “VCU’s New Media cMOOC: Living the Dream: Quantifying Selfies and Digital Wandering,” The New Media Consortium Conference. Portland, OR, June 18, 2014

Campbell, Gardner, Jon Becker, Bonnie Boaz, and Ryan Cales, “Living the Dreams:VCU’s first foray into massive open online courses,” Virginia Commonwealth University Online Summit, Richmond, VA, May 13, 2014

“Something Old and Borrowed: Homonormativity and Marriage in Glee,” Northeast Modern Language Association, Harrisburg, PA, April 3, 2014

Cales, Ryan and Jake Khoury, “Running a Three-Legged Race: Team Teaching in the Department of Focused Inquiry,” University College Faculty Symposium, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, April 18, 2014

“Rethinking Success: A Person-Based Approach to Service Learning,” The Rhetoric Society of Old Dominion University, Richmond Virginia, July 13, 2011

“Seen at the Crime: Dupin and Didactic Detection,” Mid-Atlantic Popular American Culture Association, Boston Massachusetts, November 5, 2009


Online Teaching Faculty Learning Community Co-Facilitator, Virginia Commonwealth University, January 2017-Present

Common Book Committee, Virginia Commonwealth University, January 2017

Co-Coordinator of UTA Programming, Virginia Commonwealth University, August 2016-Present

Focused Inquiry Department Council, Virginia Commonwealth University, August 2016-Present

Focused Inquiry Open Education Resources Committee, Virginia Commonwealth University, May 2015-Present

Focused Inquiry Textbook Committee, Virginia Commonwealth University, August 2014-Present

Focused Inquiry Essay Contest Judge, Virginia Commonwealth University, April 2014-April 2016

Gaming Faculty Learning Community, Virginia Commonwealth University, August 2013-May 2015

Technology Committee, Virginia Commonwealth University, August 2013-May 2014

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Faculty Learning Community, Virginia Commonwealth University, August 2012-Present

Inquiry & The Craft Of Argument Textbook Committee, Virginia Commonwealth University, February 2013-August 2014

Inquiry & The Craft Of Argument Essay Contest Judge, Virginia Commonwealth University, April 2013-April 2014

English Undergraduate Writing Awards Judge, Virginia Commonwealth University, February 2013-Present

Interdisciplinary Course Committee, Virginia Commonwealth University, March 2012-August 2014

Focused Inquiry Faculty Team Leader, Virginia Commonwealth University, September 2012-May 2013

Summer Reading Committee, Virginia Commonwealth University, November 2011-May 2012

Panel Member for the Public Service Librarian Search, Virginia Commonwealth University, Fall 2010


Volunteer Instructor, Opportunity Alliance and Reentry, Richmond, VA, July 2011-Present

Professional Writing Workshop Facilitator, Richmond Parole Office District One, Richmond, VA, July 2010-October 2010


“Choose Your Own Adventure: The Party Situation,” Virginia Commonwealth University. Work in Progress.

 A choose your own adventure game book focusing on particular details and limits of constitutional and Virginia law involving dynamics of post-adolescent social engagements


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